Weekly Pool Maintenance

Our weekly pool maintenance is the perfect match for those that don’t have time or want the responsibility of balancing and adding chemicals, scrubbing walls and tile, cleaning filters and more.

Our weekly pool maintenance can be catered to your pools specific needs. We will meet you to inspect your swimming pool and system, test current water chemistry and make recommendations to set your pool up for a successful maintenance plan. We provide all of the necessary cleaning equipment, chemicals, and manpower to relieve you of any headaches and allow you to relax and enjoy the sparkling waters of your pool worry free.

  • Test and balance chemicals
  • Empty all pump baskets
  • Empty all skimmer baskets
  • Empty leaf canister
  • Vacuum pool as needed


  • Brush water line tiles, steps and walls as needed
  • Clean filtration as needed
  • Inspect all equipment for proper operation
  • Send Real Time Status Notifications
  • Maintain Chemical Readings for Warranty