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Chemical & Pool Safety

20 May Chemical & Pool Safety

post-safetyThis is the time of year that we “Floridians” can actually consider using our swimming pools. The weather is nice and more importantly the pool temperature is enjoyable! It is also the time of year pool owners need to start paying attention to their pools, what it takes to maintain them so they are safe to use.

The chart above, found at, portrays a very simple and effective way to determine if your pool is safe and running properly. Be observant of your equipment, does anything look to be leaking? Is your pump running properly? Do you need to add water to the pool? Make sure the water level reaches half way up the skimmer. Check skimmer and pump baskets for cracks to prevent any debris that may harm your pump. Replace if needed. Preventative maintenance is less expensive in the long run!

Swimming pools require weekly maintenance from brushing and netting debris to cleaning baskets and filters. Balancing pool chemistry is vital for protecting against any harmful bacteria. We are more than happy to test your water chemistry at our retail location, bring us a sample and we’ll make suggestions on how to set your pool up for a great season!

For more information please call us at 321-723-7074, and like us on Facebook!

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